Museum Lighting: Decision making for conservation and access

Donnerstag, 19. November 2020 - 11:00 bis 12:00

Date: Thursday 19th November

Time: 11:00 MEZ
Tutor: Dr David Saunders*
Places: 25 Participants
Price: 30.- CHF
Platform: Zoom
This small group seminar consists of a 40-minute presentation by David Saunders, followed by 20 minutes of discussion and questions. The seminar will be held in English.
A major challenge in lighting objects in exhibitions is that we need good lighting in order to study and enjoy details of the objects and collections, but light also causes damage or can ultimately lead to the destruction of the exhibited objects. Those of us responsible therefore often have to make difficult decisions and compromises in order to balance between the current need for exhibitions and the optimal long-term preservation of the individual objects. This seminar will briefly present the factors that influence decision-making processes in object lighting, including information on the susceptibility of different materials to light, the illuminance levels required for viewing, and the evaluation/estimation of an acceptable lifetime of the objects. Based on a working example, the information presented is used to assess whether certain lighting scenarios meet the expectations for visibility and long-term preservation of the objects. Finally, the compromises that can be made in order to create a balance between present access and future preservation of the objects are discussed.

* David Saunders is an independent consultant and an Honorary Research Fellow at the British Museum, where he was Head of Conservation and Scientific Research until 2015 and before that Principal Scientist at the National Gallery, London. He is the author of the very recent and comprehensive volume Museum Lighting – A Guide for Conservators and Curators.

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