Detachment techniques: stacco and strappo

lundi, 03. février 2020 until vendredi, 07. février 2020 08:30 - 17:00

The detachment of wall paintings from an original wall support is carried out only in exceptional cases today. However, from the early decades of the 20th century until the 1960’s, this technique was among the methods used to prevent further decay in, or even to avoid the complete loss of, wall paintings. For this reason, many conservator-restorers are now involved in the conservation or
maintenance of paintings that are detached from their original support. To plan interventions is particularly complex, mostly due to the heterogeneity of the materials used (the original inorganic support and the paint layer, the new support and the glues that were applied in the detachment process). A detached wall painting loses many of its typical physical-chemical characteristics, such as the porosity of the mortar and a large part of the mineral component of the paint layer. In addition, the materials used in the lining can lose their elasticity over time. Understanding the materials and techniques used in the past in the detaching process, and performing the process on replicas will make participants more informed and prepared in planning interventions for the conservation and future appreciation of these works.

In this course, participants will acquire theoretical knowledge and practical skills relating to the detachment techniques of stacco and strappo. Theoretical lessons will present the development of stacco and strappo techniques in Italy, defining the cultural context in which they have been applied, and their diffusion and use in Switzerland. Participants will also learn how to realise the stacco and strappo techniques, observing and discussing the typical technical problems that could arise during the procedures. Conservation issues present in detached works will be considered as well as the problems connected to their exhibition and long-term conservation.

The course is open to students and professionals in conservation-restoration, as well as art historians, architects, and officials in cultural heritage departments.

Practical and technical knowledge about the execution of wall paintings.

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