IAP Virtual seminar: Ancient and medieval gold jewellery technology with Jack Ogden

jeudi, 15. avril 2021 - 16:00

IAP Virtual seminar: Ancient and medieval gold jewellery technology on 15th April 2021
with Jack Ogden

In this Virtual Seminar Jack Ogden (Jewellery historian) will give an overview of early gold jewellery manufacture, focussing primarily on what can be observed with a stereo or digital microscope. Gold jewellery-making techniques have changed in various ways through the centuries and such developments which are evident in in many facets e.g. from wire production to overall assembly, can be identified by close visual examination. These characteristics can help date jewellery and, of course, help identify forgeries. In some cases, advances can be tied to developments in other areas, such as the availability of iron tools. The seminar is aimed at conservators, curators and archaeologists who might not have ready access to more advanced laboratory equipment.

This two-hour seminar (with short break) and a Q&A will start at 3pm BST and costs 25GBP.More information:

This event is not available for booking online.
Date de clôture
14.04.2021, 12:00
CHF 25.00 p.p.
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